What Causes Win32 API DNS Lookups And How To Fix It

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    It’s worth checking out these fixes when you get win32 API DNS lookup error.

    I’ve been writing a great new Android app that connects to a medical device via Bluetooth LE. However, it doesn’t seem right that I’m connecting to his GATT server. A good log file has the following every few seconds:

    win32 api dns lookup

    03-27 shows 11:33:39.821: D/BluetoothAdapter(26644): - onScanResult() device=0c:f3:ee:aa:33:35 rssi=-5327.03. 11:33:39.New i/bluetoothgattactivity(26644):821: LE device: @bt-001 11:33:39 -5303-27.I/BluetoothGattActivity(26644):821: New devices added 11:33:39 le!!!03-27.:i/bluetoothgattactivity(26644):831 In goldfish function.03-27 11:33:39.831: D/BluetoothGatt(26644): - accessory connection(): 0C:F3:EE:AA:33:35, car: wrong03-27 11:33:39.831: D/BluetoothGatt(26644): registerApp()03/27/11:33:39.RegisterApp() 831:d/bluetoothgatt(26644):- UUID=7155a6e0-5432-42cc-8b05-a080c86aaccb03-27 11:33:39.I/BluetoothGatt(26644): 841: Client registered, call pending03-27 reverse 11:33:49 in .840: E/BluetoothGatt(26644): record account callback failedMar 27 11:33:49.840: MyBluetoothGatt i/bluetoothgattactivity(26644): counts as null

    If anyone could help me see again what the problem is and what is still going on, I would really appreciate it. I am using Galaxy S4. I believe that all my affected computers are listed below:

    private void broadcastUpdate(final Stringg action)  end goal of intent = new intent (action);   send broadcast (intent);avoid private fish (bluetooth end device)    Log.i(TAG, "In function a inside.");   = myBluetoothGatt device.connectGatt(this is fake myGattCallback);  Log."mybluetoothgatt i(tag, +" definitely myBluetoothGatt);the private callback function BluetoothAdapter.LeScanCallback corresponds to the new BluetoothAdapter.LeScanCallback() function.  @Crush  public void onLeScan(Product BluetoothDevice, rssi, int byte[]scanRecord) Log.(TAG, i "New LE: device " device +.getName() + " " @ + rssi);      maybe (DEVICE_NAME.equals(device.getName()))           Log.i(TAG, "New exercises for LE devices!!!");           Fishing (apparatus);              ;final private BluetoothGattCallback myGattCallback = new BluetoothGattCallback()     @Crush   official fallback onConnectionStateChange(BluetoothGatt gatt, status, int int newState)        String IntentAction;        Log."We are i(tag, are in ConnectionStateChanged(). ");      If (newState BluetoothProfile ==.STATE_CONNECTED)            intentAction is equal to ACTION_GATT_CONNECTED;            mConnectionState = STATE_CONNECTED;            BroadcastUpdate(IntentAction);            Log."Direct i(label connected to GATT server. ");           Log.i(TAG, "Trying to start a fixed + discovery:" myBluetoothGatt.discoverServices());        similarly,  If (newState == BluetoothProfile.STATE_DISCONNECTED)            intentAction is equal to ACTION_GATT_DISCONNECTED;            mConnectionState = STATE_DISCONNECTED;            Log.i(TAG, by "Disconnection is the fault of the GATT server.");            BroadcastUpdate(IntentAction);                @Crush    public empty onServicesDiscover Gatt, (bluetoothgatt status int)       Log.i(TAG, "In area 1");      If (Status == BluetoothGatt.GATT_SUCCESS)             broadcastupdate(action_gatt_services_discovered);           system.off println("--onservicesdiscovered");        different from there            Log.w(TAG, "onServicesDiscovered Received: " + status);                @Crush    public void onCharacteristicRead(BluetoothGatt gatt property, bluetoothgattcharacteristic status, int)        Log.i(TAG, "In part 2");       if == (Bluetooth Gatt.GATT_SUCCESS status)             broadcastupdate(action_data_available);           Log.i(TAG, GATT_SUCCESS"); " --oncharacteristicread        @Crush    changed unnecessary public super features (BluetoothGatt gatt,                                        Bluetooth function)        Log.I(Tag, "in Marketplace 3");        BroadcastUpdate(ACTION_DATA_AVAILABLE);        System.out.println("--onCharacteristicChanged");    ;
    win32 api dns lookup

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