How To Fix Vodafone Mobile Connect Configuration Initialization File Read Error

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    This blog post will help you when you encounter vodafone Mobile Connect error while reading configuration initialization file. Error reading configuration initialization file for. This error is caused by an incomplete download package on your current host. For some reason completed successfully, but does not consist of full bits.

    Solution 1

    The download file is still incomplete/corrupt. This happens when you have a slow internet connection or when your antivirus software needs to scan the file as part of the recovery process. Usually the downloaded *.exe is smaller than Diamonds should be (for the *.exe installer it is ±350 MB, for BIM ±Expert 160 MB, for PowerConnect ±66 MB).

  • Click on the message.
  • Usually delete the *.exe file from your Downloads folder.
  • Upload the appropriate file again:
  • Thanks to a faster internet connection
  • In another browser
  • You can also temporarily disable virus scanning in Internet.
  • If this still doesn’t solve your download issue, please contact support ([email protected]) and request additional WeTransfer download links.

    Solution 2

    The resulting *.exe file is the expected size, typically associated with ± 350 MB for Diamonds / ± 160 MB for BIM Expert / ± 66 MB for PowerConnect.
    The application cannot be installed because you did not grant it sufficient permissions to install it.

  • Click on the message.
  • Right-click *.exe and also select the Run as administrator option.
  • vodafone mobile connect error reading setup initialization file

    Create initialization file read error

    Make sure you have enough free space in the Windows Control Panel (usually the C: drive). The Windows installer takes up space on your system drive even if you install Klocwork on a specific drive.

  • How do I fix error reading setup initialization file?

    Temporarily disable your antivirus software.Delete temporary file types and folders.Try running the Land F/X workstation installer again.Copy the Land F/X workstation setup file (setup_FXWorkstation) to your desktop and run it from your desktop.

    Live Vodafone modem guard will reset the installation before the installation is literally completed

    I’m trying to connect to Vodafone Live, but shortly before it ends, it freezes and starts to fallback.
    I have 3 xp windows installed, which do not help me – in the logs witherror handler event shows service check 7035/7036/7009 accepted – evntagnt 1003/1015


    I just spent 4 hours installing Vodafone Mobile Lite broadband software version 10.0.302.24346 with a K3571-Z hub and I’m still having an issue when I try to restore desktop based apps to start services.

    This has been determined to be due to Windows actually disabling the “Wireless Zero Configuration” service. This parameter was found automatically, then the main problem was solved by installing the software.

  • Huawei Vodafone mobile broadband (error code 4), no connection

    I just got Vodafone’s WiFi R201 for our own MacBookPro (10.7.Modem 2) and it works great. I wanted to get the firmware update provided by Vodafone to get the modem, but the firmware update is mostly for Windows. Run W7 on a 4.0.2 virtual machine. When I plug a USB TV into my Mac with W7, the Mac turns on independently, I have my own settings, and that’s why I get the messageabove error: Unable to connect USB device “Huawei Vodafone Mobile Broadband (Huawei) and virtual machine (Outage Policy 4). Contact VMware, Inc. technical support for assistance. »

    Anybody is this this time?


    This is a workaround:

  • “Wireless 5520 Vodafone Mobile Broadband” cannot be installed on Vostro 64bit


    Due to other issues, I had to reinstall Vostro 1700 when using Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

    This is a brand new installation:

    -It is never configurable except for UAC prompt auto-elevation.

    -I’ve always been a City Manager user

    When I run the installation associated with the R161520 driver, I get the message “Cannot access custom super action to execute VBScript”.

    I tried a lot of things to find his work

    -new registered VBscript System32 DLL

    Run as part of installation from local drive, not user

    -run as domain administrator

    -run and UAC Auto Prop, regular IE

    -run as normal administrator

    This message keeps coming!

    vodafone mobile connect error reading setup initialization file


    All other drivers worked fine…

  • Undo action failed

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  • 3. Click on the Restore button and wait for the process to finish

  • Recently, I had problems installing other software. I’d say about 60-75% of the programs I try to buy try to step, always save last, then delete, maybe post “undo” and also delete whatever it changed as well. closes. This happens for various programs, and also read if it could be an older version or problems that failed in a previous installation, but the situation is neither. Some of them are new (old) programs. I also look for a file using the registry that has somehow been marked read-only, but I never know if it’s a file or a location. If anyone knows what’s going on, please let me know.

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