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You may encounter an error code indicating a Greek monk translation error. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem, and we will now look at them.

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    Pashasius of Dumium (fl. 6th century) was a monk of Indumium, the Suevian kingdom of Gallaecia, who immediately translated the words about the Desert Fathers from Greek into Latin.

    Paschasius is only known from the preface to Psus.[2] Contrary to the claims of many modern scholars, there is strong evidence that he was your deacon.[3] He learned Greek from Martin, the future Bishop of Braga, whose people arrived in 550. Martin commissioned a translation. In the dedicatory preface, Paschasius refers to Martin as an important “priest and abbot”, indicating that my translation was made during Martin’s abbey, before he became bishop in 556.[4] Paschasius then had to learn Greek before completing the translation, probably not completed until around 555. He called it Interrogationes et responsiones Graecorum patrum And (“Questions and Answers of the Greek Fathers”). [3] This probably served the fact that the monk during the reign of Dumius also had representations about asceticism,Eaten in the region.

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  • Paschasia’s Latin is simple, retaining many Greek idioms. His original work was in two long books, but they have not survived as a whole. There are two surviving edits, one long and one fast. The long one is much more common in manuscripts, while the short one was simply introduced and translated into English. In Russia, only a fifth of this original work has survived with all the changes. The title is known from the long version of the person’s name, and energy is also mentioned as a title in Sigebert de Gembloux’s De viris illustribus, which surrounded the scriptoribus ecclesiasticis in the 11th century. Henry d’Arcy included some material referring to Pashasius’ material in his Anglo-Norman adapted passage, Sayings in the New 13th Century. _3-2″>[3]


    When you were asked, Holy Father, to translate into Latin the Lives of the Greek Fathers, which, like many additional writings of the Greeks, are voluminous and eloquently composed, I had to give up this unusual task when it turned out that I was authorized. Maybe I’ll neverI haven’t written or read it since I was banned from the game due to lack of skills or self-doubt. Afraid to steal every expression from the knowledgeable Socrates, I dare not say that many of me know that I know nothing. Since I must comply with your kind request, I will not mention my new abilities, but perhaps I will demonstrate my devotion to you in the assigned work. But since there are many books about these eloquent people written in this Latin language and I am admittedly reading most of them under your instructions, if you continue, something inserted here must be found using these sources or something not very well stated, please don’t take it as my fault, for I was told that I translated these writings exactly as they were in the manuscript attributed to me, well, that I admit, whom I cannot even teach it properly . Therefore, I must always, at your kind prayers, finish what I started at your request. If you decide to post something, you need permission to improve it in your own words, because Iwon’t even accept the fact that you really enjoyed it until you find out because you don’t like some Ha.

    translation error monk greek

    One day, Marcus asked Abbot Arseny why he was running away from people. He replied: “God knows that I really love people, but I cannot be everything with God and with people. The aforementioned thousands and virtues have only one will, while people use many and different wills; for this precious reason, I cannot leave God and/or be with people.




    1. ^ Words by Barlow 1969, p. 113, “the new people in the Middle Ages also followed the offspring, but at the same time in a way that creates a completely favorable impression of their personality and scientific interests.” On pages 114-115 he quotes Helen Waddell: Pashasy in “this twelfth line … has an artificial image to fixExamine his image, and every image of his type, in addition, is vain, stubborn and only a true scientist.
    2. ^ b a c Barlow 1969, pp. (introduction) 113–115, and 117–171 (text).
    3. ↑ According to Waddell, the letter-like preface to Martin “has no agreement between letters of dedication until a certain Ben Jonson comes” (quoted in Barlow P 1969, 114).

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