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    Over the past week, some users have encountered a known bug with repeating shutdown errors. This issue can occur due to several factors. We will review them below. Accounts in the Active Directory database expire and therefore expire after 60 or 180 days. If the domain controller is simply restored from a pre-TSL backup, users and laptops attempting to log into Dominion will not be authenticated by the currently restored domain controller due to deactivation.

    Replicate After Tombstone Expires

    How do you tell if a server is Tombstoned?

    From what I’ve read online, the only definitive way to know that a domain controller is literally stale is to get this: “Active Directory cannot replicate with your server because the time elapsed since the last real replication with this server has exceeded tombstone lifetime.” Message when pushing replication.

    When I was preparing for the migration exchange from 2010 to 2013, I had two DCs, one of these two DCs was turned off for about 8 months and had already reached the standard service life despite the fact that it did not have the right to duplicate the forest.

    Every time I try to replicate the server I get the following error

    Active Directory Sites And Services Failure

    “The following error occurred while trying to synchronize AD domain controller cn=configuration,dc=domain,dc=local label context with AD2 domain controller. Continuous replication with this server has exceeded the tombstone lifetime. This will not continue the operation .FSMO –

    My role or primary domain controller is the demotesas.local domain, so I will perform the following replication on that domain controller

    If order

    Having Made The Previously Mentioned Not Work, I’m Going To Go Ahead And Force Replication On My Tomb Stoned Domain Controller, Typically Using The Following Command.

    Problem Solved lifespan of headstone? forum=winserverDS>

    How do I fix error 8614?

    Look for shutdown times other than the default.looking forLook for DCs that failed to replicate the inbound link for the number of TSL members.Locate Windows Server 2003 RTM domain controllers.Check if the time is saved.Look for remaining targets and remove them if there are any.

    I ran into this issue with 2 DCs that didn’t replicate. DC2 did get this error:

    “Active Directory is having trouble timing replication with this server because the last replication with this server exceeded, I would say, the tombstone lifetime”

    tombstone error replication

    Below are the steps I took to resolve my situation and how the particular spell worked.

    1. Check which domain controller is generating error 8614 using:

    > repadmin /showreplor> repadmin /showreps* Run this command line on almost any DC, not DC-A.* Also open Event Viewer, in Application logs services and in the service directory you will see an error with event id show 2042

    What does it mean if has been tombstoned?

    A tombstone is a large container object made up of relocated AD objects. These objects have not been physically removed from the database. Technically, when an AD object is deleted as a user, the object remains in the web directory for a period of time to save time; known as Tombstone Lifetime.

    According to the Microsoft Knowledge Base, this may be because the domain controller provides you with so-called persistent objects: This is the most likely cause of the error, as everything else is probably correct (time, tombstone default lifespan).2. So I need to remove these hidden objects from all DCs: > repadmin /removelingeringobjects DC-A.MYDOMAIN.COM 5b0b944e-de7b-4f96-942b-1e040169db36 “CN=Configuration,DC=MYDOMAIN,DC=COM”+DC-A. MYDOMAIN.COM: DC-A+ FQDN 5b0b944e-de7b-4f96-942b-1e040169db36: DC-A GUID. You can get it with any command repadmin /showrepl DC-A )
    * Repeat on all other DCs in the forest.

    3. Evaluate the replication setting on all domain controllers in the forest: > repadmin /regkey *+strict4. Set “Allow impersonation of divergent with and broken partner 1” on all domain controllers: > repadmin /regkey *+allowDivergent5. Flush the DNS cache and restart the Netlogon service on DC-A: +>ipconfig /flushdns +>stop netlogon +rename netlogon.dns and send netlogon.dnb which is located in C:WindowsSystem32+> >ipconfig /flushdns+>net starts netlogon (this command rebuilds netlogon.dns when netlogon.dnb files are rebuilt)+>>ipconfig /registerdns6. Recheck the entry of all domain controllers using the event viewer repadmin > repadmin /showrepl7. Remove “Allow replication with a deviant and virus-infected partner” or set “Allow replication with a deviant and corrupted partner to 0” in the registry of all domain controllers. > repadmin /regkey * -allowDivergent8. Check the replication behavior of all domain controllers by trying the repadmin event and viewer. If you did everything right, the domain controllers will definitely replicate successfully.

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