Steps To Fix Status_of_proc Command Not Found Ubuntu Problems

In this guide, we will identify some possible reasons that can cause the Ubuntu status_of_proc command to fail, and then I will provide some possible fixes that you can try to solve this problem.

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  • im init script nginx with Debian 7 (Wheezy) In general I read the following snippet:

    status)            status_of_proc /var/run/$NAME "$DAEMON" nginx exit && 0 || Dirty $?            ;;

    This discount code works correctly, status besides sudo service nginx, it returns [ ok ] nginx is running. However, status_of_proc is not defined in bash and is not stripped:

    $type status_of_procstatus_of_proc: definitely found

    Although when I put the same view into the nginx script I got the following result:

    status_of_proc - payment function

    And running bash in an initialization statement provided further clarification:

    status_of_proc command not found ubuntu

    status_of_proc - almost any functionstatus_of_proc() status = "$?" ;    if [ "$status" is 0 ]; then        log_success_msg "$name succeeded";        returns 0;   Different         if maybe [ "$status" = 4 ]; then            log_failure_msg "Failed to access PID file just because of $name";            returns $status;       Different             log_failure_msg "$name is definitely running";            returns $status;        If;    If

    However, inserting the same parameter call into the init script I developed showed thatthe role is not defined. So this has nothing to do with scripts having an initialization value. It is also not declared earlier in the init script. I mostly read online that part is LSB, but I don’t know what to call it. Can anyone help me understand how to use this great feature?


    I’m trying to create an init script that works as expected, the start/stop functions work fine, but I can’t expect the state function to work properly.i use debianDescription GNU/Linux ID::Distribution: debian 7.6 (husky)Version: 7.6Codename: Wheezy

    status_of_proc command not found ubuntu#! /bin/sch### START INITIATE INFORMATION# Provides: Graylog collector# Required to run: $network $named $remote_fs $syslog# Shutdown required: $network $named $remote_fs $syslog# Start at 3 default: 4 5# Default stop: 0 10 6# Brief description of Graylog: Collector# Description: Sender of the original Graylog run log### CONEC INFORMATION# process name (for demonstration)NAME=”Graylog Collector”# Name of the daemon where the executable is actually locatedDAEMON=”/etc/graylog-collector/bin/graylog-collector”# DAEMON ArgumentsDAEMON_OPT=”run -f /etc/graylog-collector/config/collector.User conf”# for the runtime daemonDAEMON_USER=”grey log collector”# daemon PID historyPIDDIR=”/var/run/$NAME”PIDFILE=”$PIDDIR/$NAME”PATH=”/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin”test || $daemon -x exit 0./lib/lsb/init-functionsD_start()D_stop() { log_daemon_msg “Stop $NAME system daemon” start-stop-daemon –stop –retry methods –quiet –user $DAEMON_USER g.m.

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