Tips For Correcting Arithmetic Errors Caused By Integer Division Of A Program By 0

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    Sometimes your system may give an error stating that a program caused an arithmetic error when dividing an integer by 0. There can be several reasons for this problem.

    Detecting math errors such as division by zero, overflow, and trying to form the logarithm associated with a number that is negative depends on the hardware, and therefore on the operating system. Some systems store more errors than others. On systems that implement the IEEE floating point standard, IDL replaces certain floating point values ​​with Infinity nan floating point values, detecting a floating point calculation error. (See Special Floating-Point Values.) Integer overflows and underflows are not recognized. Division of integers by zero is recognized on all platforms.

    A Note About Floating Point Underflow Errors

    Floating point underflow errors occur when the result is non-zero, i.e. close to zero, and should not be expressed as a stable floating point number. In the vast majority of pockets, floating point loss significance errors are naive and can be ignored.

    Status Of Mathematical Cumulativetheir Mistakes

    IDL handles math errors, keeping the accumulated well-being on math errors. This Implemented state, basically a long word, contains a designated bit for any type of math error normally detected by the hardware. Whether the IDL will automatically check and remove this flag depends on whether the !EXCEPT system variables are enforced. The check_math function also allows you to check the accumulated calculation error and reset it if the status is required.



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  • Autumn is late. Report exceptions when the final IDL result interpreter displays an interactive tooltip. All math errors that have occurred since the last interactive prompt (or a successful call to Are check_math) are printed in the idl command log. Typical appearance of a message like:

    % arithmetic program error: floating point division by 0


    program caused arithmetic error integer divide by 0

    Raises exceptions after nearly executing an IDL statement. This creation is alsoAllows the IDL to generate a complete report of the program context in which the error occurred, specific to the tag number in the procedure. A typical message looks like this:


    Program % caused a math error: floating point division 0

    on the

    % found on Junk 10

    Special Floating Point Values

    program caused arithmetic error integer divide by 0

    Machines implementing IEEE every day for binary floating point arithmetic benefit from two special values ​​for undefined results: NaN (not Eine number) and Infinite. sets Infinite when the result is greater than the largest representation. NaN is usually the result of an undefined computation, i.e. division of zero by zero, the square root of a negative, or the logarithm of a non-positive absolute number. In many cases, when the IDL encounters a NaN value in almost all records, it processes it as long as there is “missing” data. values ​​Special NaN and infinity are also in a read-only system variable.niya. !VALUES Individual operands are passed throughout the evaluation process – any term between those operands results in one of these two special values.

    Note: “>Note: For the minimum (<) and maximum (>) real agents with NaN operands, the result is always not defined and is not necessarily a special NaN value.

    PRINT, 3 3 . !VALUES.F_NAN

    It’s important to remember that experts say that NaN is literally number one, and therefore cannot be compared to number one. Suppose you have an array where the value contains NaN:

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