Solution PDF Failed To Initialize

Hope this blog post will help you when you see pdf file cannot be initialized.

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    To fix this error, first uninstall the PDF printing software using the Uninstall to Program command in Windows Control Panel. Reinstall One pdf printer driver for each system to make reinstallation easier.

    Good morning! Please help? I am trying to fix this error cfm?id=328791

    I have to replace the .ics file with no joy at all!. At the user of Windows On fast xp system. also i excluded office and xp acrobat 7.09. Then Office patched xp reinstalled, all current patches. THEN reinstalled Acrobat and reset it to version 7.09. When I open a MS Powerpoint file and then click “Convert Popular Files” in the toolbar, I get the same error: “Adobe did not create a PDF file with a PDF printer.Se
    how do i remember to show my next steps to solve this. Any problem? help should be highly appreciated.
    Thank you
    (Many Adobe products installed. Does it matter in the meantime?)

    Brandy redux

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    Hi CaptJohn,

    You forgot to provide the most important information – what operating system do you use?users are using.

    The error message “Failed to initialize PDF converter” means that the Broderbund PDF converter is not installed, uninstalled, corrupted or compatible with the operating system.

    NOTE. Neither Broderbund PDF Converter nor Broderbund PDF Creator is compatible with WinXP or WinVista 64-bit, Win7 for PrintMaster 1) 18 or earlier, 2) Druckerei 23 or even earlier, or 3) Calendar Creator 12.1. .
    printmaster 18.1 and Print Shop 23. There is 1 possibility to configure the PDF file of the current Broderbund Creator to work with these products:

      1.Open Printer Devices and Control Panel.

      2. Right-click on Pdf broderbund Creator.

      two. Click Properties on the printer.

      4. Look at port charges.

      5. Click the Add Port… button.

      6. Highlight and Local Click port, New port… (without new type…) select port

      7. Enter the name of the den port.

      8. Restart your computer
      . Return to the plan.

      10. Save the PDF file as an A project. If

    you probably don’t want to use the Broderbund PDF Converter or Creator, or if you think you’re having trouble usingThe Broderbund PDF Creator converter can successfully use any PDF printer driver installed on your computer.

    CutePDF Writer, which you can download for free by clicking the
    resource below
    CutePDF Writer

    and not only Vista and Windows 7 are ready (for both 32-bit and 64-bit), which is a popular Broderbund PDF Converter/Creator alternative.

    However, if you decide to start with a different PDF driver, it is important to remember that you need one to print to PDF, as clearly described in this FAQ < will br>
    Save as PDF or File As | Print PDF

    – because the “Save as PDF” function works with Broderbund PDF Converter or just Creator.

    If people are using a genuine OS or should be using WinXP, you can quickly fix the problem by uninstalling PDF broderbund Converter from this list of printers and then reinstalling some type of PDF broderbund Converter as described below.

    You are deleting Broderbund PDF 2 converter.10d:

    1a. For and windows® 98/me Windows NT® select “Start”, click “Settings” from the drop-down menu, then select “Printers”.
    1b. For Windows, select xp, Start, Settings, then Printers, Faxes and.
    2. When the “Printers” window, “PrintFaxes and Faxes” find the heading Broderbund Converter pdf 2.10d.

    NOTE If: Broderbund Special PDF 2 Converter.10d icon is not fully displayed, close the window and continue with the “Installing Broderbund PDF Converter” procedure below.

    3. Right-click if you are using the popular Broderbund PDF Converter. 2. And 10d select “Delete” from the drop down menu.
    4. Select “Yes” to “uninstall PDF broderbund Printer ink Converter 2.10d”.
    5. Close the Or window ‘printer’ ‘Fax printer’. converter Install Broderbund pdf
    . Double-click computer”, “Mine then double-click the drive where The Print Shop is installed. (Usually this is drive type c:.)

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