Troubleshoot Booting In Safe Mode Using A USB Keyboard

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    In this tutorial, we will learn about some of the possible reasons that can cause your computer to boot into Safe Mode using a USB keyboard, and then I will share some methods to try and fix this problem. If you want to start this computer in safe mode, you need to restart it, press the keyboard key on – in some cases F8 – then “select general safe mode” and press enter. If your keyboard is not working, Windows may boot normally and not enter Safe Mode.

    The popular way to start Windows computers in Safe Mode using the F8 key has since been disabled in Windows 10. Among other things, we offer ways to start Windows 10 in safe mode.

    how to start computer in safe mode with usb keyboard

    If you start Windows 10 in safe mode, the system will use only the most necessary applications and services.

    This isolate and identify programs and drivers that may be causing problems on your computer.

    How do I boot my USB in Safe Mode?

    Make sure, of course, that the USB key is connected to your computer.Turn on your company computer.Press ESC or F1, F9, F8, or f11 F12 immediately.Select the boot device option, boot order or something similar.Select a USB drive for and boots shoes.WindowsInstallation will now begin in UBS.

    There are several ways to boot your Windows 10 computer in safe mode, you can choose which method suits your case.

    1. Secure Turn On The Mode Using The System Preferences

    The easiest way to boot into Windows Safe Mode is to use the system setup app.

    2. In the Run command type window, click msconfig and hover over the OK button.

    3. In the “Next” browser, click on the tab that launches the secure downloadload with the selected option and “Minimum”, just click “OK”.

    4. In the pop-up window that appears, click the “Restart” button.

    When your computer restarts, it’s still in safe mode with a dark background, and you’ll see the words “safe mode” in almost all four corners of the screen.

    2. Boot Into Safe Mode With Restart Shift

    How do I start my computer in Safe Mode with keyboard?

    If you have time to get to the login screen, you can enter Safe Mode from there: 1) Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard. 2) Normally, while holding down Shift, press the keyClick the power button in the lower right corner of the screen, then select Restart. The From windows (Recovery Environment) screen appears.

    You can enter Safe Mode on your computer directly from someone else’s login screen without having to log into your user account.

    1. Then press and hold the Shift key on your computer keyboard and click Restart.

    2. Continue holding down the Shift key until a checkmark next to Restart your computer appears.

    How do I start my computer in Safe Mode when F8 doesn’t work?

    Press the F4 hotspot or the 4 key on your keyboard to enter Safe Mode. You can also press the appropriate key to enter Safe Mode using Command Prompt or using Go to Network, depending on what you want to do.

    3.When the computer restarts, the “Choose an effective option” screen will appear. Click on the “Troubleshoot” option.

    7. In the “Next” field on the screen, the options for a number of downloads are analyzed. Press F4 key to start your computer in safe mode.

    As you can see in the image above, you can also boot your computer into a secure networkmode and enable the command line in safe mode by pressing the keys and f5 F6.

    3. Using The Recovery Disk, Boot Into Safe Mode In

    If your last PC won’t start, you’ll definitely need a Windows recovery disc to finally start your PC in safe mode.

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  • Fortunately, you can always create a new Windows 10 recovery drive by connecting to another Windows 10 compatible PC.

    1. USB drive Insert Windows 10 to restore and restart your computer.

    2. After booting the computer from the recovery disk, you will be prompted to select a keyboard layout.

    4.Go to Advanced Options > Startup Options and click the Restart button.

    5. After restarting your computer, press the F4 key to start Windows 10 in safe mode.

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