Easy Fix To Change Write-Protected USB Drive In Windows 7 Issues

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    If you know how to replace a write-protected Windows 7 USB drive on your system, this guide can help you.


    Many office workers these days are accustomed to carrying around a USB flash drive to transfer data, store data, or create a Windows To workspace on the go computer. But sometimes when you need to format the USB drive and even write data to the USB drive, no one gets the message: Error. The disk is write-protected. What is the package of protection against See records?. next part.

    Protection against (often write-only also called read-only protection) can be physicalphysical or virtual. A USB flash drive with a write insurance policy can prevent new files from being written or older files from being modified. Typically, with this policy, you can only read data files that are already stored on the USB drive, but cannot delete or modify them. By using write protection, you can ensure that data is not accidentally deleted or overwritten.

    Is there a way to remove USB protection in Windows 11 or 11? Don’t worry, the purpose of this website is to provide you with free ways to remove from write protection and USB security.

    How To Effectively Write To Remove The Shelter From The Whole Usb Drive

    How can I remove write protection from my pendrive?

    Go to “My Computer/This Computer” and find your pen capture device under “With Removable Devices”. Right click on it, view and properties. In the pop-up window, click Edit. Sometimes it is possible to remove the write protection. Change the substate to this setting and try again.

    If you are unable to remove the write protection caused by the USB flash drive, please read this description carefully. Below are 5 safe, effective and methods to help you remove write protection from a working USB drive in Windows 11, 10, 8 10, including a professional third-party protection removal tool.

    ‚ Method 1: Check The Sports Write Protection Switch (if You Have One)

    Some flash drives named afterThere is a physical switch, usually which allows you to disable or set write protection. The USB Booster flash replacement location is different. Make sure the lock switch is in the open position. You cannot transfer files to a USB drive if the drive is probably locked.

    If the write-protect switch on your corporate USB drive is disabled and your organization still receives an error message, otherwise there is no physical switch on the subsequent USB drive, go to Method 2.

    ‚ Method 2: Remove Read-only Attributes Using The DiskPart Utility

    how to change write protected pen drive in windows 7

    Diskpart is a unique command-line tool built into Windows that experts say can be used to unprotect a USB drive from. Pay attention to the following final steps:

    Step 1. You “press Windows + R”. In the Run dialog box, type “diskpart” and press Enter to open the DiskPart command prompt.

    Step 2. Type the following commands one after the other and press Enter later:

    â— Disk List – displays all disks connectedUser-friendly, internal including persistent disks.

    in— select n drive H – where the USB key number is located. You can tell who it is by the size of the column. Get rid of the

    â—from read-only drive attributes. Change the properties of your USB drive to make it read-only.

    Step 3: Close the DiskPart prompt and reconnect the USB drive to check if the write protection error has been fixed. no, if try the second step.

    ‚ Method 3: Disable Edit Type Protection By Registry

    Step 10. Press “Windows R” + on keyboard cleaner. In the pop-up window “Run” type “regedit” and press Enter to open the registry editor.

    Step 2 . 5. Expand the entries in the specific left pane to access the three application paths:

    Step. Right-click the Ctrl key (folder), select New, click and key. Name it key initial StorageDevicePolicies.

    how to change write protected pen drive in windows 7

    Step 4. Select the new customized key and right-click the space from the right of the space. Select and “Create” press “Value” (32 bits double)many words). Name it the new WriteProtect dword.

    Step 5.Double-click the DWORD you just created and change its value from 1 0 to . Click OK to save changes. 1 means

    Tips: “Yes, write help to protect the memory of my USB devices.” Conversely, 0 means “No, real USB drives are not write-protected.” p>

    ‚ Method 4: Disable BitLocker To Remove USB Write Protection

    When BitLocker is enabled on a USB, it uses encryption to protect your files. To write to a non-BitLocker USB key, clients must have a password or recovery key. If you have almost no options, you need to reformat the drive.

    How can I unlock my pendrive in Windows 7?

    Run command prompt as administrator, type diskpart command and press Enter.Type List if disk and press Enter.Find the reader number that matches your Whiz reader.enter drive attributes erase read only press and enter.

    Here are detailed instructions for detecting a BitLocker write-protected USB drive on 1 PC:

    Step. Open File Explorer and find the exact storage device where you have storage. An icon with a padlock means that BitLocker is enabled for a specific device.

    Step 2: Right-click the icon and select Manage BitLocker. This step will take you to the BitLocker Drive Encryption Truck window, which displays a list of most drives and their cipher characters..

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  • 3. Click on the Restore button and wait for the process to finish

  • Step 3. All you need to do now is click on the secure USB key and select “Turn off BitLocker”. Enter or password other selected protections, then enter the recovery key. The status indicates that the device is being decrypted and will be locked at the end of the spin-off.

    After disabling BitLocker, try saving the content to a USB drive again and see if the problem is resolved.

    ‚ Method 5: Format Your USB Drive As Read-only With A Free Write Protection Remover Tool

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