How To Fix Error 0x6ab When Opening Group Policy On The System?


If you’re getting error 0x6ab when you open Group Policy in a system error message on your computer, see these troubleshooting tips.

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    If the correct specific policy setting is definitely applied to the client, check the GPO scope actions. you If you configure, I would say a setting under Computer Configuration, your group policy should be linked to an OU with computer accessories. The same is true if you set your preferences in the “User Configuration” section.

    How do I see group policy errors?

    Step 1: Run rsop.msc from local computer. Open a specific command prompt, type rsop.One step: check the policies. Now that RSoP is done, it’s time to review some policy settings.Step: 3 Compare your current results with the group procedure objects.

    This article provides a solution to a very good problem that intermittently prevents Windows 7 clients from applying Group Policy here at startup.

    Applies to: Windows 7 Service Pack 1
    Original KB Number: 2421599


    got error 0x6ab opening group policy on system

    Windows clients intermittently crash 7 when starting or restarting a policy family. log The following events are logged in system events:

    Error 14:43:2 9/9/2010 9:00 NETLOGON 571 9.Error 9/9/2010 14:43:31 Group Policy 1055


    The behavior is caused by a race condition between network initialization, domain controller location, and group processing policy. If the network is indeed unreachable, the domain controller will not always be found, and Group Policy Processing may fail. After loading the operating system and the mouthUpdate flexible network connection background update using group policy will succeed.

    EventLog 6006 information indicates system shutdown
    The e1kexpress information thirty-three indicates that the connection to your network provider was established at
    The EventLog 6005 information indicates that the firewood service was started for the event
    information dhcp-client 50036 indicates that dhcp client service offers started
    NETLOGON error 5719 indicates that Netlogon does not have an effective range for one of the website controllers
    Group Policy Error Indicates 1055 Category Policy Processing Failure
    GroupPolicy 1503 indicates that Group Policy processing was successful

    [SESSION]DeviceNetBT_Tcpip_53267BA1-EB8C-4348-BD81-41C3FF162EE9: added transport () [SESSION] Winsock: addresses (1) Address changed . [IMPORTANT] NetpDcGetDcNext: : Unable to query DNS. 1460 0x5b4 [critical] Netpdcgetnameip: : Data not returned by DnsQuery. [CRITICAL]DC nldiscoverdc: dbg: not found. [CRITICAL] DBG: NlSessionSetup: Session setup: Unable to select trusted domain controller [SESSION] NlSetStatusClientSession: dbg: Set connection state to c000005e [SESSION] DBG: NlSessionSetup: Session setup failed


    As a workaround, you can set a registry value to delay this Group Policy Application:

    1. Open the registry editor.

    2. Expand the following subsection:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon

    3. Right click on Winlogon, The problem is in the new one, then select the dword value.

    4. To name the new GpNetworkStartTimeoutPolicyValue, type, and type press ENTER.GpNetworkStartTimeoutPolicyValue,

    5. Right-click the button, select and “Edit”.

    6. How do I fix failed to open the Group Policy object on this computer?

      Customize Windows display for hidden files, folders except.Go to groups foldernew policy.Select the machine folder and press F2 to rename it.Rename the machine to machine.old.It will definitely ask for administrator permission.Click “Next” type.articles”>


      Be mindful of the decimal base.

    7. In the Data Value field 60, select then select OK.

    8. Exit the registry, the editor, and then the computer.

    9. If the Group Policy startup script is not running, increase the value of the GpNetworkStartTimeoutPolicyValue registry entry.

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    got error 0x6ab opening group policy on system

    The provided value must be long enough to make sure the connection is established. During the timeout period, Windows checks the connection status every few seconds and proceeds to start the whole body after the connection is acknowledged. recommended therefore err on the very high side. For example, if that particular system is legally offline (due to a network cable, offline server shutdown, etc.), Windows hangs to reach the full timeout.

    Policy Location: Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > > System Group PolicyParameter name: Timeout to process HKLMSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsSystem!GpNetworkStartTimeoutPolicyValue

    How do I fix group policy errors?

    Delete or move the “registry.pol” file.Move or delete the secedit.sdb file.Use the command line.Run an Als and dism SFC scan.Disable Client Service Certificates for Policy – Certificate Enrollment.delete the content associated with the history folder.Perform a system restore.

    If from launch_policyregistry key: if you set the schemes group setting, it will override the manual expansion setting. If manual and group settings policies are not set, the value is usually selected from a location in the registry:

    Because the timeout period is not defined, the system uses its own algorithm to calculate and determineValues ​​for the average timeout period. This value is stored in the registry location above. This can vary from system to system and is also dependent on various factors such as previous login attempts.

  • 3 minutes to finally read
  • The Group Policy description “Startup policy processing timeout” is not intended to be detailed and does not cover all scenarios. Just because we don’t currently have coverage set up doesn’t mean we’ll use the default timeout value of 30 seconds.

    1. Failed to create remote directory
    2. Session status frequently interrupted / This is an invalid lesson / Session session failed.
    3. Insufficient authorization
    4. Command not found
    5. GPO barely found
    6. Object reference does not point to an instance of an object
    7. The system cannot even open the specified device or file
    8. HRESULT E_FAIL returned as a result of a valid call to a COM component.
    9. Library,

    10. drive Is the storage pool really empty
    11. Directory or worthy attribute does not exist
    12. The system cannot display the specified path
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