Having Problems With Bccode 51 Error?

Over the past few days, some of our readers have informed us that they have encountered the bccode 51 error.

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    As for your dump, it looks like a REGISTRY_ERROR(51) error. This implies a serious problem in the registry or in the configuration manager. An I/O error could occur when the registry was trying to read one of its files (caused by hardware or file program corruption).

    You are getting the Blue Screen of Death due to Registry Error 51, the error occurs due to corrupted registry files directly on your system. The system crashes when the registry is not working properly. Continuing to use it will cause more BSODs.

    Many users have encountered this disease out of the blue, without paying much attention or other problems before seeing this post. Unfortunately, this is a critical error in Windows and the only way to fix it is to use the Healthy Startup Repair option that comes with the Windows installation media. But you need to change the boot order in this BIOS first.

    1. Restart your computer. During the POST screen, just before Windows starts, you can see which key you are most likely to press Those to enter BIOS/UEFI. Usually this is Esc, F2, F8, F12 or Backspace. Click for quick access to the BIOS/UEFI utility.
    2. Most, if not all, BIOS/UEFI utilities create instructions to jump to the left or bottom of the main window, so implement them until you get to this menu launcher.
    3. Change the boot order and make sure the first boot device is a USB port or a CD/DVD drive, whichever installation media you will be using most often.
    4. Complete the backup and changes, your computer should restart.

    Method: Use Startup Repair

    1. You will receive a message prompting you to press any key to push the shoes or boots out of the support setup. Tap a magic spell when you see it.
    2. After all the installation media has loaded, click Repair Your Computer.
    3. Select an exploit application. If you have more than one, it’s important to choose the first one you want to fix. You can easily identify it by the drive/partition where it is configured.
    4. Select a launcher. Follow the instructions and let this wizard do the work.
    5. If it’s someone who’s done, they don’t have to deal with the underlying problem anymore and you won’t suffer a terrible BSOD.

    error bccode 51

    This is one of those errors where a simple fix doesn’t work, but you’re lucky that Windows can fix itself with built-in tools. Fortunately, the points on how to do this are detailed in the above method, feel free to follow them to get your program back up and running.

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