Devicenet Error Codes 77 Troubleshooting

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    Sometimes your computer may show an error with Devicenet error code 77. This problem can have several causes. 77 The data size expected by the device does not match the entry in the scan list. Reconfigure your module for the correct size of transmitted and received data. 78 The slave may not exist in the scan list table. Add a device to help you online, or remove the search from the list for that device.

    00 -63 Normal operation. Absolutely. (The screen shows the address of the scanner node. Incorrect)


    Check for duplicate scanner node address. The host address is already in use. Change some scanner channel addresses or change conflicting address of our own device.


    Invalid data in the research list. Reconfigure the scan list and remove invalid data.


    Lost connection to device. (Goes up to 80 if the device doesn’t recover from a retry scan.) Inspect the device and check the connections.


    The device does not match the electronic basis (manufacturer, product code, product type, version) of the scan list. Make sure the real device is on this node. Make sure the device matches the device configured when you scanned the list.


    Data overflow detected during ventilation. Check the configuration for invalid data. Check connection traffic.


    No network traffic detected. If (usually without list searching.) Create and upload a scan list. Network


    Scanner disk not found. If (there is no normal scan list and the scan is looking for other traffic.) Create and load list explorer.Data


    Device size does not matchNo diagnostic list. Reconfigure the device or scan list with the correct dimensions for sending and receiving personal information. devicenet error codes 77


    The device is in the scan list, but does not exist or does not respond well to a scan retry that is valid after code 72. Add a device to the network, remove or block an entry from the scan list. See also Rule 72.


    Scanner failed to transmit the frequency, usually double checking the node (at power up). Make sure the scanner is securely connected to a live network with at least one other node. Check if cables are disconnected. Check your baud rate.


    User provides the ability to put the scanner into IDLE.RUN mode Set the low bit in the scanner’s command register. Put the PLC into RUN mode.


    User has set scanning to FAULT. Check the program API and the case of the scanner commands.


    Failed to link fragmented sequence I/O messages while the device is running. Check device configuration.


    The device returns an error when the scanner tries to initialize communication. Look at the entry in the list – it may indicate a connection (strobe, audio, etc.) that is not from a supported device. The device may be in the preview list of another scanner. Check device configuration. Reboot your device. devicenet error codes 77


    Sufficient reason to initiate communication for device scan list. No. This coupon will be deleted after the initialization is completed.


    Data aspect is greater than 255 bytes. Set for a smaller device data size. Enter The hardware size of the device has changed since initialization. Configure the device to generate a fixed size. Replace the failed device.


    Device outputs zero-length data without question (IDLE state), bit channel is in RUN mode. Check configradio and device status. This was normal when the device scanned several others in slave mode and was idle (code 80).


    Common inputs: The device is probably not affected by the main scanner. Check main hinge and scanner setup.


    Shared Inputs: Basic Functions Scanner requires an unassigned connection on this scanner. Check if the split parser’s relationship is the same as the main parser or the new subset. Display continuous test or power-on reset. No action.


    ADR failed. The device does not support AutoRecovery Device or is sometimes misconfigured. Check the configuration or possibly disable ADR for this device.


    The user has disabled the communication port. Check the command register of the PLC scanner program.

    What is a DeviceNet scanner?

    The DeviceNet Scanner/Slave is an interface that connects DeviceNet slave devices and the Schneider Electric Quantum platform processor. DeviceNet is almost certainly a low level network providing Internet access between simple industrial devices (sensors, actuators) and higher level devices (controllers).


    DeviceNet Bus Off state detected on port. The scanner detects informational errors. Checkthose DeviceNet connections and the physical integrity of the media. Check the system for faulty devices or other possible sources of vendor interference. Check for conflicting baud rates. network


    No power on DeviceNet port. Apply AC power. Verify that a broken wire is supplying mains power to the scanner’s DeviceNet port.


    Updating FLASH at runtime. No. Do not turn off the scanner during the FLASH update.


    User has logged out of scanner.Ladder Check program and scan fee registration.


    Fatal firmware error. Repair or replace the module.


    Fatal hardware error. Repair or replace the module.


    Memory check failed. Return/replace a module.


    Power failure during FLASH update. Return/replace a module. E5 No initial or main code. Return/replace a module. E9 UserThe target cleared the 1747-SDN command term scanner Check the registry and restart SDN to restore it.

    May 3, 2017 at 6:55 pm.


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    Hello everyone, this is my first post here.

    I will have a problem with a 1747-SDN scanner, the device network is connected to 3 Numatics G2-2 device modules. We had a bug, especially when node 1 activated a lot of solenoids when power was applied, so we tried to replace a few suitable parts to see ifcan we postpone judgment. No luck so we put everything back and ordered a great new communication module for node 1. We all had the original .dnt file and EDS file for the network so they uploaded it again and now my family and I are getting the error. 77 at the node one person 2 a. The communication modules for these nodes have newer firmware to be original (it looks like node 2 was replaced some time ago). Can I have a newer EDS file for newer communication modules because the basic I/O shouldn’t have changed?


    May 3, 2017 at 7:21 pm.

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