How Can I Troubleshoot CMS Error 211?

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    Hope this user guide will help you if you are facing cms error 211. NOTE. The +CMS ERROR indicates an error related to the telephone device or the network. If the error is related to the result code for almost all commands on the impact line, none of the following codes on the same command line will run normally. (probably neither ERROR nor OK is returned.)

    ERROR 1
    “Cms Number Not Assigned (Not Assigned)” Cause This indicates which is the destination.The requested mobile station cannot reach because it is our own numberhas a valid format, currently it is not actually assigned (highlighted). ERROR CMS 6-8 “Specified statementBlock” This assumes that MS was trying to send the source directly.short mobile message when the operatornetwork, customer service provider or MS may have prevented its operationssuch.CMS ERROR ten “Call blocked”This cause indicates that the Outbound Blocking service is affecting the short circuit forIntelligence is called purpose. MISTAKE CMS 17 “Network error”. Causethis is sent to this particular one when ms, MSC is unable to deliver the request generated by MSdue to PLMN failures, i.e. problems in MAP. ERROR 21 CMS short “Message passingrejected” This reason indicates that the device purchasing this reason is notwant to accept this text message, even if they could accept it brieflyMessage because the device sending this message is not busy and is not the cause of the incompatibility. CMS ERROR 24 “cork”.This reason, when sent, the service request cannot be processed normally due toCongestion (e.g. channel, missing object, or other busy/congested). CMS ERROR 27 “Target withProvision of services started”This The reason indicating the request is indicated by the mobile station.cannot be achieved permanently because the human lens interface does not workright. The “not working properly” time period indicates where the signageThe message could not be delivered to the user; remote B. current levelor a physical data link layer error from a remote user, user tools, etc. offline. ERROR 26 CMS subscriber”This “unknown reason” indicates that every one of our non-subscribers is registered with the PLMN (i.e.IMSI unknown). CMS ERROR twenty-nine “Configuration rejected”This reason indicates that the experts claim that the setting requested by the mobile station does not exist.supported PLMN. ERROR CMS 30 “Unknown subscriber”this creation indicates that the subscriber is not registered, as in (i hlr.e.The IMSI directory number is not assigned to the subscriber at the time). CMS ERROR 38 “network in order”This is because most of the network is not working properly.In this way andthe state is likely to last relatively eg long; straightawayAnother attempt to transfer Tossa is unlikely to succeed in the short term. ERROR 41 cms “Temporary failed”This target indicates that the network is no longer working properly whichstate and is unlikely to last very long; B. From the station you are transferring toYou may wish to make an additional attempt to send short messages immediately. CMS ERROR 42 “cork”This indicates the reason that the short message service cannot be served becausehigh traffic. MISTAKE sms forty-seven are not available,indefinite”This “Resources” reason should be used to report an event for hard-to-reach resources only when there are no otherReason reason applies. CMS ERROR 50 RequestedNo “subscriber configuration”This delivery indicates that the actual requested non-courier service can be performedwrites from the network because the operator is not neededadmin madeeffective proposed measures, their support networks. CMS ERROR 69 “The requested non-configuration was successfulimplemented”This reason indicates that the network cannot provide the requested shortcode.Intelligent ERROR sms seventy-eight “Invalid short messageconvey the value of information”This indicates that the device that caused this cause has receivedMessage when working with a short on link message, which is currently not commonly used on interface. CMS ERROR 95 message,indefinite”This “Invalid Cause” is only used to investigate an invalid message event when no other cause invalid logo class is applied. CMS ERROR 96 “Invalid assignmentInformation”This reason indicates that the devices sending this reason haveThis message, in which the element of information is necessarily absent and / or must be (contenterror cases are indistinguishable). ERROR CMS ninety-seven “No message typeavailable or definitely not implemented”This reason indicates that the sending entity received this reason andA message whose type it also does not recognize, which is why it is simpleMessage not defined or implemented by sending machinesthis reason. CMS ERROR “message 98 is no longer compatiblewith short message log status”This track indicates that the device sending this notification has receivedWrite a message to those who came to the procedures, do not indicate that the experts say that this is allowedThe message to send during the exchange of short messages. CMS ERROR 99 “Information elementunavailable or not implemented”This causes approaches in which the sending device has received a containing contributionMessage, information and policy elements that are not recognized becauseInformation area ID not defined or game not definedimplemented, but each of our devices that send a reason.A little bit of informationThe product does not have toBe included message in the purchase of the device.Sending the reason for actually processing the message. Error message 111 CMS “Protocol error,indefinite”This reason is typically used to report a log error when no other reason exists.applicable. ERROR CMS out of hundred “collaboration,indefinite”This does not indicate that there was usually a collaboration with a network thatdoes not give reasons for the behavior in which he engages; So bring the exact forA message that the offer could not be determined. CMS ERROR 128 Telematics supported collaborationnot X CMS ERROR 129

    Download this software now to clean up your computer.

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