Troubleshooting Tips ActiveSync Encountered A Problem On The Server 0x85010014

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    In some cases, your computer may display an error code indicating that activesync encountered a problem on the server 0x85010014. There can be several reasons for this problem.

    Okay, I’ve been struggling with this a lot over the past few days, researching all the way to my readers, but I always seem to find the same answers. I may not have gone far enough, but that is why I am writing here.

    I came with a Palm Treo 700wx that boasts it was synced once but then replaced our Exchange server with a Blackberry. Most of them use the Palm Treo differently for different users with different phone numbers, so we have a basic phone setup (hard reset, boot from a blank phone) and it’s good in the end.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select the scan you want to run
  • 3. Click on the Restore button and wait for the process to finish

  • Now when I try to reconnect it to successfully connect to the exchange server, I’m running into a very annoying problem. I installed the certificate on our Treo via Mobile Cert Tech MS from. Now that I’ve installed the certificate, the second logical point is that it syncs. So, I go straight to ActiveSync, enter the correct IDs, and this is what happens:

    I have found many articles dealing with this dilemma, so now I will list exactly what I have tried so far:

    First I found this article whichparadise, I think, will be your salvation:

    activesync encountered a problem on the server 0x85010014

    There are no dice. I did it twice. The second time, he approves the changes I just made, and then does it again.

    activesync encountered a problem on the server 0x85010014

    Firstly, I didn’t use forms-based authorization, but then I did the above anyway to see if it worked for me. Again, no, good luck. Turn it off again. Good luck again.

    All the research I’m constantly looking at on this topic keeps referring me to the KB817379 manual article, which didn’t help me further.

    But for the most part, it’s just specific information repeated from a knowledge base article.

    Again, is this related to support for forms-based authentication? Am I not even using forms based authentication? I don’t understand what it does.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions? I was desperate to get here…..

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    In this guide, we describe some of the possible consequences that can lead tosu ActiveSync with code 0x85010014, and then we offer possible plans that you can use to try to fix the problem.

    The commonly used error message 0x85010014 may appear due to timing issues. The error message may appear when the device resets HTTP and 500 (device internal error). Please check the following arguments to explain why you are getting Marketer error 0x85010014 when syncing your Windows PDA mobile phone with Exchange.

  • Check the Exchange Server Event Report warnings. Event log notifications usually contain more information about your current PDA in relation to a typical problem. Below you will find a large number of notifications.
  • ActiveSync and OMA online directories use OMA and provide excellent DAV connectivity to a specific Exchange directory on the server. Same thing SSL can’t do. See occasionally: Forms Authentication and SSL Issues in ActiveSync for a fix for the time being.
  • Check your website – oma settings in IIS. Make sure everything fits.The players have access to the network and all IP addresses are already set correctly.
  • If you normally use Exchange 2003 with Folder Redirection in Outlook, you should quickly disable sync.Book or upgrade to ActiveSync 4.1.
  • If you see this error message when your own antivirus is configured to block scripts, disable this setting for Outlook ActiveSync and .Wireless.
  • Some connections connected in 802 with .11b or 802.11g and WPA may cause problems. Updating the drivers you are using may solve the problem.
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